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PocketMonkey Multi-Tool


PocketMonkey Multi-Tool


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  • Finally! A pocket tool that is actually convenient! PocketMonkey has twelve functions packed into one millimeter of stainless steel. It's the size of credit card, so you can easily carry it with you at all times. Light-Weight, it only weighs 1 ounce. Ultra-Thin, it is 1 millimeter thin. Convenient, it fits in your wallet. And it is even TSA-compliant!

    See it in action: 


  • Zootility Tools began when industrial engineer Nate Barr locked himself out of his house one too many times. Unable to find a door latch slip he could fit in his wallet, he decided to design one. Nate realized there was a lot of unused space left, so he added a bottle opener, then screw drivers and didn't finish until he had 12 tools in all. He finished it off with a smiling monkey head and the PocketMonkey was born. 

    Nate launched the PocketMonkey on Kickstarter and two weeks later had $27,000 and almost 2000 orders to fulfill. No small feat for someone with a full time job, so Nate enlisted the help of his sister Jenna. They got the orders out, a bit later than expected, but shipped nonetheless.Since then the company has grown to 9 full time employees that work out of offices in Cambridge, MA and a 4,000 Sq. FT facility in Portland, Maine where they produce and finish tools with lasers!


    Phone Kickstand, Bottle Opener, Flat Screwdriver, Micro Screwdriver, Door Latch Slip, Letter Opener, 5 Hex Wrenches, Phillips Screwdriver, Orange Peeler,Headphone cord wrap, Ruler, Straight Edge and more..

    Some "unofficial" uses:

    Hold a gas pump handle closed, Section limes, Pry lego bricks apart, Wine opener, Bubble wand, Adjust gun sights, Tree ornament, Unlock toilet paper holder, Conversation Starter, Staple Pryer, Pull nails out, Scratch Ticket Scratcher, Toothpick, Chopstick holder, Cigarette Holder, Adjustable rope lightener/cincher, Keychain, Expensive wind chime, Incense burner, Box cutter, Fishing Lure, Cocktail skewer, Fruit peeler, Paint scraper, Getting gunk out of cracks-er.