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PHC: Plenty of Pretty Good Jokes


PHC: Plenty of Pretty Good Jokes


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  • Both original Pretty Good Joke recordings plus a bonus CD with even more knee-slappers, side-splitters, and groaners, together for the first time at a special price.

    Each year, usually in April, people across the country tune in to A Prairie Home Companion's sometimes annual Joke Show. Host Garrison Keillor and guests delight listeners with jokes old and new?puns, one-liners, knock-knock jokes, bar jokes, lawyer jokes, lightbulb jokes, third-grade jokes, chicken-crossing-the-road jokes, ethnic jokes, political jokes, regional jokes, blond jokes, and more. It's a treat for the good-natured and a cure for the cranky. The set includes:

    Pretty Good Jokes. All the jokes from the first four Joke Shows. With comedian Paula Poundstone, humorist Roy Blount Jr., and other show favorites.

    A Few More Pretty Good Jokes. All the jokes from shows five and six. With humorist Calvin Trillin, comedian Monteria Ivy, fiddler Phil Cunningham, and show regulars Sue Scott, Tim Russell, and Tom Keith.

    Bonus CD! "Why does an archaeologist make a good husband?" "Because the older you get, the more interested he is in you." Available for the first time, all the jokes from shows seven (February 1, 2003) and eight (April 17, 2004).

  • ISBN-13:9781565119178

    Format: CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Company

    Publication date: 09/13/2004

    Unabridged, 4.5 hours