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PHC: Sounding Off!

$16.95 $10.11

PHC: Sounding Off!

$16.95 $10.11

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  • The very best of Garrison Keillor's classic, laugh-out-loud sound effects sketches featuring renowned sound effects wizard Fred Newman.

    For some fans of public radio's beloved A Prairie Home Companion, it's all about the wild, unpredictable, "how does he do that?" artistry of sound effects specialist Fred Newman. Hand-picked from nearly two decades of live broadcasts, Sounding Off! spotlights Fred's unique talents in performance with host Garrison Keillor and the hilarious radio acting cast of A Prairie Home Companion. Fred's vocal characterizations are boundless, and his sound arsenal features loons and babies, singing whales and stomping pterodactyls, lovesick elk, patriotic dolphins, rampaging chainsaws, and much more. The collectible CD edition features a full-color booklet with photo-essay and notes by Fred Newman, offering a behind-the-scenes tour his sound effects artistry.

  • 1. Daddy, What Do You Do? (4:53)
    2. Fred Newman Makes the Noises for the Broadcast (2:20)
    3. English Majors to Radio (2:11)
    4. Rhubarb Winter (4:19)
    5. Mel’s (All You Can Eat) Diner (1:44)
    6. Nashville Fly (6:10)
    7. Guy Noir: Renata Flambé (12:06)
    8. Bertha’s Kitty Boutique: I Wuf You (2:12)
    9. From Georgia to NYC (6:51)
    10. Frigidaire (4:28)
    11. Trees (Christmas NYC) (8:08)
    12. Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games (3:09)
    13. Rhubarb: Mayan Calendar (6:34)
    14. Minnesota SFX (1:48)
    15. Clint McKnight, Veterinary Periodontist (5:57)
    16. Fred Wants to Sing (4:12)
    17. English Majors: Reprise (0:26)

  • ISBN: 9781681683423

    Format: CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Audio

    Publication Date: 10/25/2016

    1 hour