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People We Meet: Unforgettable Conversations


People We Meet: Unforgettable Conversations


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  • The beauty, genius and heroism of the human spirit shines throughout this collection of encounters with exceptional individuals, selected and presented by NPR personalities whose lives have been enriched by a single conversation.

    Hosted by NPR's David Greene, many of your favorite NPR on-air personalities - including Melissa Block, David Greene, Rachel Martin, Michelle Norris, Guy Raz, Scott Simon, Susan Stamberg and many more - share the lasting impressions made during interviews with a wide variety of exceptional individuals. Each story is introduced by the NPR host and offers a candid account of how the encounter was particularly meaningful to them.

    These are thought-provoking and emotionally resonant interviews with both the famous and the nearly anonymous, who reveal themselves over the course of a conversation in delightful, moving, and surprising ways.

  • 1. Introduction by David Greene

    2. A Songwriter and an Army Dad Share One Touching Story (Connie Harrington and Paul Monti with Melissa Block)

    3. Stephen King on Getting Scared (Stephen King with David Greene)

    4. Autistic Slaughterhouse Inspector Calms Cattle (Temple Grandin with Daniel Zwerdling)

    5. Ingrid Betancourt’s Six Years in the Jungle (Ingrid Betancourt with Guy Raz)

    6. Killed for Taking Part in “Everybody’s Fight” (Sally Liuzzo-Prado with Karen Grigsby Bates)

    7. Day by Day: A Mother’s Life with Cancer (Neeley Wells with Rachel Martin)

    8. Self-Help Group for Facially Disfigured (Betsy Wilson with Susan Stamberg)

    9. With Fading Memory, Terry Pratchett Revisits “Carpet People” (Terry Pratchett with Arun Rath)

    10. “Lunch Lady” Author Helps Students Draw Their Own Heroes (Jarrett Krosoczka with Michelle Norris)

    11. How One Woman’s Faith Stopped a School Shooting (Antoinette Tuff with Michel Martin)

    12. Teen from Sarajevo (Irena Milic with Scott Simon)

    13. Katrina Survivors Donald and Colleen Bordelon (Colleen Bordelon with Steve Inskeep)

    14. Don’t Call This 12-Year-Old Pianist and Composer a Prodigy (Emily Bear with David Greene)

  • ISBN-13: 978-1622313884

    Format: CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Company

    Publication Date: 5/20/2014

    Unabridged, 2 hours