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NPR Road Trips: Roadside Attractions

$14.95 $7.11

NPR Road Trips: Roadside Attractions

$14.95 $7.11

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  • Prairie Dog Town in western Kansas. The Elvis Is Alive Museum in Wright City, Missouri. The Velvet Museum (“Velveteria”) in Portland, Oregon. A 13-foot Styrofoam scale model of Stonehenge. The Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas…or is it in Darwin, Minnesota? Roadside attractions are the staples of the American road trip. Many are slowly disappearing from our highways and byways. Are they culture or kitsch? Are their creators artists or obsessives? Listeners are invited to pull off the road and experience the delightful icons and oddities decorating our natural landscape.

  • Introduction by Noah Adams

    Destination: Time Capsule

    Unraveling the Story Behind a Big Ball of Twine

    Roadside Attractions Fading from Landscape

    Riding Seattle’s Space Needle

    Missile Museum Sparks Cold War Memories

    Present at the Creation: Burma Shave Signs

    Backyard Folk Art Thrives in Michigan

    Is There an Age Limit on Road Trips?

    Cypress Gardens, Essence of Florida

    Preacher Selling Elvis Museum on eBay

    At Velvet Museum, Get in Touch with Kitsch

    Finding Faith Along America's Highways

    Blue Chevrolet

  • ISBN-13:9781598878554

    Format: CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Company

    Publication date:04/21/2009

    Unabridged, 1 hour