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Driveway Moments: Cat Tales


Driveway Moments: Cat Tales


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  • Hosted by Scott Simon

    These NPR “driveway moment” stories featuring our feline friends will have you curled up in your seat, purring. Mischievous, mysterious, content, curious, and full of attitude, these stories mirror the personality of these creatures that dwell in our homes and our hearts.

    Scott Simon is one of America's most admired writers and broadcasters. He has reported from all fifty states, five continents, and ten wars, from El Salvador to Sarajevo to Afghanistan and Iraq. His books have chronicled character and characters, in war and peace, sports and art, tragedy and comedy.

  • Introduction by Scott Simon

    Cat and Child, So Comfy Together

    Cat Lovers and Their Stories

    Earliest Evidence of House Cats

    Cat Named Hamish

    Family Wasn’t Always Nice to Its Cats

    The Purrrfect Candidate for President

    Political Attack Ad Goes After a Cat

    Cats Can’t Taste Sweetness

    Cats Eat Anything Smaller Than Themselves

    Why Do Cats Purr?

    Living with Lions

    Maine Cat Resort

    Bicycling Across USA with Cat in Basket

    French for Felines

    Allergen-Free Cat

    The Story of 23 Cats and an Owl

    Alone at Christmas with Two Old Cats

    Mourning the Loss of Frankie the Cat

    Baghdad Girl, Reaching Out Over the Web

    This I Believe: Caring Makes Us Human

    Cat People vs. Non-Cat People

    Calico Cat Cloned

    Four Pounds of Fury: Baby Cheetah Gets a Mom

    Ms. Pudding: A Feline Farewell

    The Algonquin Hotel’s Feline Celebrity

    Cats First Tamed in the Middle East

    Protecting African Lions: Hunters Turned Guardians

    Cat Genome Forensics

    Glowing Kittens Help in Fights against AIDS

    Pet Physics: The Uncanny Lapping of Cats

    White Cat Gifts

    Scott Simon Remembers Lenore

    Cat Laws

  • ISBN-13:9781611748765

    Format: CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Company

    Publication date:09/18/2012

    Unabridged, 2 hours