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Micro-Face: A Planet Money Comic Book

$6.99 $5.99

Micro-Face: A Planet Money Comic Book

$6.99 $5.99

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  • Exclusive Pre-Sale!  First edition of Planet Money’s Mysterious Micro-Face #1.  A 40 page Planet Money comic book.  Buy the pre-sale copy now and we will ship it to you when it's printed.   Jamal Igle is actively working on the art right now and we can't wait to share with you what he's dreamed up for our new economics super hero, Micro-Face.

    Discounted price for pre-sale buyers only!

    Planet Money went searching through thousands of public domain characters and fell in love with the 1940s sonic avenger Micro-Face. He was everything a podcast could have hoped for: super-sensitive hearing, photoelectric vision, and the kicker — a microphone strapped to his face. 

    Everyone owns the old version of Micro-Face. But today, for the first time, Planet Money is announcing a new version that we can truly (and legally) call our own. Sam Salazar is a talented young business radio reporter — yes there will be economics learning — who is chasing the story of a lifetime. In the process, he discovers his grandfather had a secret life as a Golden Age superhero. Join Sam as he uncovers his family history, digs into a complicated business plot about private equity and takes up the mantle of his grandfather, the original Micro-Face.

    This is your chance to be part of Micro-Face’s new beginning. We will be spending the next couple of months making this comic book, sharing every step of the process with you. And then, you will receive a first edition copy of Planet Money’s Mysterious Micro-Face #1. (Depending on how this goes, there may be a #2. But no promises.)

    Story by Alex Segura, cover art by Jerry Ordway, interior art by Jamal Igle, lettering by Taylor Esposito, coloring by Ellie Wright, schtick by Planet Money.

  • Origin: The Planet Money Buys A Superhero Series

    Comic Book Author: Alex Segura

    Comic Book Cover Art: Jerry Ordway

    Comic Book Interior Art: Jamal Igle

    Letterer: Taylor Esposito

    Colorist: Ellie Wright