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PHC: Garrison Keillor Comedy Gift Pack


PHC: Garrison Keillor Comedy Gift Pack


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  • Two great collections from Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Comedy and Garrison Keillor's Comedy Theater in one fun-filled gift package--5 full hours of laughs!!

  • Prairie Home Comedy

    Disc One

    1. Freelance Writer
    2. American Artistic Association
    3. I Am A Tenor
    4. Carp Trip
    5. Memories of Pain
    6. The Management Assumes No Responsibility
    7. Second Methodist Church
    8. Moodism
    9. Reaching Out
    10. Sex
    11. Washing Your Hands
    12. The In and Out Cat Song
    13. The Story of Thanksgiving
    14. My Grandmother's Cat
    15. Animals of Other Lands
    16. Winter Madrigal

    Disc Two
    1. The Francis S. Key Story
    2. The Ballad of Peanut Butter
    3. Winged Motivational Products
    4. Twelfth Street Tag
    5. The Old Shower Stall
    6. Am I Boring?
    7. Adversity
    8. Bob Wilson Month
    9. Mavis & Marvin Smiley
    10. American Music Association
    11. Losing Your Job
    12. Vanilla
    13. How Does Our Brain Work?
    14. Dad Angel
    15. Old Folks at Home
    16. Cottage Cheese
    17. Swanee Tag
    18. The Announcer
    19. Tuna the Food of My Soul

    Garrison Keillor's Comedy Theater

    Disc One
    1. This Man This Woman
    2. Taking a Chance on Love
    3. Bertha's Kitty Boutique: Cat Box Video
    4. Greenwich Village Days
    5. Cafe Boeuf: Secrets of the Kitchen
    6. Beebopareebop: The Operation
    7. Cowboys: The Second Lefty
    8. Famous Celebrities: New Years Eve
    9. Just One of Those Things
    10. Chicken Little-Starring Tom Keith
    11. Beebopareebop: The Dream
    12. Adventures in Ethics

    Disc Two
    1. Guy Noir, Private Eye: Tony Rigatoni
    2. Fred Farrell Animal Calls
    3. How I Met George Gershwin
    4. Little House on the Desert
    5. Silver Lining: Cold Weather
    6. Mel's Big Boy Buffet
    7. Newt
    8. La Influenza
    9. Lutheran's On-Line
    10. Silver Lining: Getting Older
    11. The Ketchup Advisory Board
    12. Bemidji Fishing Opener Song
    13. Beebopareebop: The Contest

    Disc Three

    Bonus Joke Tape

  • ISBN-13:9781565112902

    Format:  CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Company

    Publication date:07/29/1998

    Unabridged, 5 hours