The Third Arrow

Makers Market: Kai & Marliss

Kai and Marliss are two weird humans making weird stuff for weird people. We love each other, puns, art, queer magic, and dismantling the patriarchy. We particularly enjoy combining our political beliefs with art, especially when it comes to The Queer Agenda. We are both regularly amazed that people want to buy the things we create, and it is a rad feeling when something that we make resonates with someone to the point that they want to give it to a friend or keep it for their own. We started out with a few puns and some drawings to go with them, and we've continued to build on that over the past four years. So, we make this stuff in our home (or design it and have it made by our production partners in some cases), package it, and send it to people who buy it (you, hopefully). Sometimes we go to shows and sell these things to people IN PERSON, which is extra weird.


Check out The Third Arrow in our Makers' Market Here.