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Makers Market: Moriah Okun

MOkun is a San Francisco-based textiles company founded by artist and maker Moriah Okun, that creates few-of-a-kind rope vessels, planters, baskets, soft sculptures and more. Each piece is coiled and stitched by Moriah on an industrial sewing machine using only cord and thread. The resulting forms are flexible and sturdy, sculptural and functional.


Moriah draws upon her background in art and architecture and is inspired by avian architecture, traditional basketry, and sculptural weaving.

Check out MOkun in our Makers' Market Here.

Sweet Home Alberti

Makers Market: Casey Alberti

Hi! I'm Casey Alberti. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific northwest where my husband and I raise our 4 children. While trying to find a fun girls night craft, I stumbled upon macramé.


I made my first macramé plant hanger and was hooked! Hosting girls night and teaching my friends how to make their own plant hangers made me realize I may just have a knack. A knack I want to share with you! Everything in my shop is handmade with care just for you. Thanks for supporting my small business.


Check out Casey Alberti's Collection in our Maker's Market Here.

Daedal Jewelry

Makers Market: Caitlin Galvin

Caitlin Galvin is the designer and creative director behind Daedal Jewelry. Inspired by her immersion in Tuscan architecture, Caitlin designs and crafts each piece by her own hand, creating a truly custom statement. Since taking a fabrication class during her residency in Tuscany, Caitlin fell in love with metalsmithing. After her time in Italy, she continued building on her passion by working with local jewelers and other small business guru’s. Inspired to build her own brand, Caitlin launched her first line in 2016 and has been selling to boutiques and clients around the United States. Currently, Caitlin works from her studio in Charleston, SC. You can find her original inspirations of European Architecture in her designs, but she continually works on designing new pieces. No matter the occasion, her unique style is sure to attract attention.


Check out the Daedal Jewelry collection in our Makers Market Here.

Artaya Loka

Makers Market: Dana Graves

Known for her multi-culti gender-bending style, Dana Greaves has built a reputation for designing unique clothing, colorful jewelry, and inclusive events. Dana's ideas and designs have appeared on NBC's Today Show, Forbes.com, Refinery29, Nylon.com, and on pages of The Washington Post Magazine, DC Modern Luxury Magazine, and The East Nashvillian. She received a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Visual Culture from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County after having studied fashion design at Virginia Commonwealth University. Following graduation, Dana moved to the heart of Washington, DC, where her designs gained the attention of musicians Erykah Badu and Jennifer Hudson among others. After several years of pop-up shops and runway shows, she followed her intuition and moved to Guatemala in 2013. There, she found endless inspiration which sparked her desire to revisit the design table. In 2016, she returned to the US and restarted her beloved brand, Artaya®, and launched Artaya Loka in Nashville, TN. In 2018, Dana opened her first storefront at 1006 Fatherland Street in Suite 205. Select jewelry designs are available here online.


Check out Artaya Loka in our Makers' Market Here.

Claudia Pearson

Makers Market: Claudia Pearson

Claudia Pearson has been illustrating her entire life and her work has been published internationally in magazines such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, Elle, and Travel & Leisure.

In 2008 Claudia’s first children’s book, entitled Tribal Alphabet, was published and it has won a Silver Moonbeam Award and The Stuart Brent Award for its contribution in promoting multicultural awareness in children’s literature.

Claudia now brings her 20 years of illustrating commercially to a range of products for the home. Inspired by her love of great food she has created a collection of tea towels, prints, greeting cards, and books.


Check out Claudia Pearson's collection in our Makers Market here.

Bloomwolf Studio

Makers Market: Betsy Garcia

Bloomwolf Studio is a Latina owned & operated illustration and design studio based in Orlando, Florida. Launched by husband and wife, Luis Sosa and Betsy Garcia, Bloomwolf Studio's mission is to spread joy & promote social change through our products, & to create the cutest stationery & art that will help you connect with loved ones, commemorate special moments, & feel celebrated


Check out Bloomwolf Studio's collection in our Makers Market Here. 

Nicole Marie Paperie

Makers Market: Nicole Alesi

"Made with T.L.C. in N.Y.C." Nicole Marie Paperie (N.M.P.) is the ever-productive brainchild of New York City designer, Nicole Alesi. N.M.P. is where Nicole features her bright and whimsical creations on a variety of greeting cards, stationery and other paper goods. Every item is printed on eco-friendly paper, proudly made in the U.S.A. and artfully assembled by hand. Whether your gift is for a birthday, bridal shower or to simply say hello, Nicole Marie Paperie is happy and humbled to be a part of your special moment.


Check out Nicole Marie Paperie in our Makers' Market Here.

Erin Flett

Makers Market: Erin Flett

Erin Flett is about BOLD, IMPERFECT and ORGANIC shapes and elements, collaged together with a unique, hand-drawn, eclectic style. Erin is a passionate, prolific designer who started her company in her basement, hand-printing home goods with her husband, Maslen. She then moved her growing business into an old, Maine cotton mill, with a growing number of employees who help print, sew and ship her ever-growing collections. Her line includes pillows, bags, glassware, wall art, limited edition paper products, rugs, and wallpaper and wall art. She especially loves collaborating with her trade accounts such as hotels, interior designers and architects on custom projects. “Local” is important to Erin. All of her printing is done by hand in Maine, while Mills in North Carolina weave her custom bark cloth and canvas. All of her velvet and linen are sourced domestically. With her attention on designing, manufacturing, and selling, Erin is able to oversee the entire process, ensuring quality and craft in each product. Erin’s vision is to continue to create highly designed and crafted home goods that are mindfully made and encompass all the subtle details that make her unique, hand-drawn, graphic patterns sought-after and collected. Her edgy and joyful designs combine the “traditional” with the “modern,” breathing new life into the world of textiles. Her goal is to make her customers smile, and bring a fresh, new style into their homes.


Check out the Erin Flett collection in our Makers Market Here.

Upstate Stock

Makers Market: Bram Robinson

I think rather than a bio I'd like to mention that since Covid we have pivoted after having to close 2 of 3 of my retail stores. I invested in bringing all the production down from Upstate to operate out of one of my closed down stores here in Brooklyn to keep everyone employed and actually grow the staff by 40%. My last remaining retail and cafe is mainly now a grocer, while another of the closed stores now pumps out over 500 knit products a day that are either knit Upstate or in NJ. For example, those watchcaps you ordered, I get the yarn from North Carolina, it's knit in the Fingerlakes and then shipped to us in rolls here in Brooklyn....we then cut, sew, and finish it all in a boarded up store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Check out Upstate Stock's Collection in our Makers' Market Here.

Little Likes Kids

Makers Market: Kemi Tignor

I founded Little Likes Kids™ because I wanted toy options for my son that reflected his and his friends’ experiences. As a mother, my job is to love, and sharing toys that include images and experiences that reflect my son is a way for me to show him he is loved. That I can’t fill his toy box and bookshelves with an appropriate mix of inclusive items is a lost opportunity for joy. I want to create a space where the only thing children know is joy. For my mother, loving gestures included scouring the aisles (beating back other women with her purse that one Christmas) to find dolls that looked like my sisters and me. While she and her girlfriends laughed off the energy it took to bring home those limited items that looked like and included their children, we believe there is no need for that sense of scarcity anymore. At Little Likes Kids™ we understand that no gifting moment should come and go without an opportunity to share items with your child that reflects who they are. So we create toys and playful images that reflect kids like my son and his wonderfully diverse gaggle of friends. I Created Little Likes Kids™ Because No One Else Did, For My Henry …And Yours.


Check out Little Likes Kids Collection in our Makers' Market is coming back soon!