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Car Talk Classics: Four Perfectly Good Hours

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Format: 4 CDs

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Four all-time favorite episodes--complete, unexpurgated and hilarious--from the popular radio show.

This Car Talk set is for fans who are ready to waste four very hilarious hours with Click and Clack.  Rather than a "best of" collection, it's a set of four complete shows—just particularly good ones that Tom and Ray remember as some of their favorites.


1. You Can’t Do It Unless the Number Is Two 

Ray’s worst puzzler ever; which the staff happily throws back in his face.

2. Martha Stewart Visits 

In which Ray heartily greets Martha as “Margaret” and the question “Are mechanics ever nice for no reason?” is answered.

3. Mother’s Day 2002 

A Mother’s Day tribute featuring Tom and Ray’s own beleaguered and beloved mom, with many highlights from Elizabeth Magliozzi’s appearances on the show over the years. Doug Berman’s mom also puts in an appearance.

4. Bugsy’s Letters from Camp 

In which Click and Clack surprise staff member John “Bugsy” Lawlor with a reading of his boyhood letters from camp. Bugsy gripes about the food, the beds and the food again.

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