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Car Talk: Best and Second Best

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Salvaged from the audio dumpster at Dewey, Cheetham & Howe, here are two raucous hours of riotous calls from Car Talk. Like the one from Sasha, who solved a radiator leak with black pepper and eggs. And Will, whose dog lost his cookies in the defroster vent. And Gail, the toll-booth fugitive. They all have something in common: they've turned for advice to Click and Clack -- ostensibly about cars, but really about love, marriage, grammar, bad hair, garage etiquette, and the meaning of life.

Total playing time: 1 hour

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The Best of Car Talk
AMCs & Plaid Trousers
Consummate Professionals
Eggs Prestone
Ole Moses Blew Beets
How Did You Know My Name?
She's Got Dipstick on her Collar
Parlez Vous Frances?
Read My Lips
To Burp or Not To Burp?
Bad Hair Days
Rock Bottom

The Second Best of Car Talk
Clinton Sends Vowels to Bosnia
The Toll-Gate Fugitive
The Famous Montreal Hotel Fire of 1985
Love and the Disinterested MechanicThe Pinkwater Files: Circumferentially Challenged