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PHC: Church People by Garrison Keillor


PHC: Church People by Garrison Keillor



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  • Performed by Garrison Keillor and an ensemble castLutherans have given us hotdish, church ladies, self-effacement, and solid advice ("Watch your manners, make yourself useful, and mind your own business"). Now they've given us a new Prairie Home Companion collection. Well, it could be worse.

    • Fly with Lutheran Air, where they serve hotdish and sing hymns on board.
    • Discover what happens when Guy Noir joins Lutherans in the Swedish Quarter during New Orleans' Mardi Gras (not much).
    • Book your vacation with Lutheran Tours, whose motto is "for the vacation guaranteed to make you glad to get back home."

    And much more. So sit quietly, moderate your laughter, and don't draw attention to yourself as you visit Land of the Lutherans.

  • I'm a Lutheran

    Lutheran Tours: Vacation Guilt

    Potato Salad

    Elim Lutheran Anniversary with Philip Brunelle

    Iniquity on the Tundra with Charles Keating

    LYLE: Lutheran Youth League for Evangelism

    St. Patrick's Day

    The Story of Bob with Vern Sutton

    Church Directory

    Guy Noir: New Year's Eve Indiscretion

    LOL: Lutherans On Line

    Lutheran Polka

    Summer Vacation

    Flood: Floating Away with Your Pastor

    Evelyn Lundquist Counseling Agency (ELCA): Easter Briefing

    Church Organist

  • ISBN: 9781598879292

    Format: CD

    Publisher: HighBridge Company

    Publication date: 09/09/2009

    Unabridged, 2.5 hours