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NPR 40th Anniversary Book & CD Collection

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Buy both our 40th anniversary book and spoken word CD together for a discounted price!

This is NPR is a chronicle of NPR history as told by the insiders who were there. Written by notable NPR personalities like Ari Shapiro, Noah Adams and more, this volume is a behind the scenes look at what has gone into the making of NPR over the past 40 years. Full of beautiful photographs, personal anecdotes and transcripts, This is NPR and its accompanying audio CD offers readers the first-ever glimpse into some of NPR’s favorite memories from the people who created them.

NPR: The First Forty Years
is a 4- CD compilation of some of the most memorable moments from 40 years of news, culture, conversation and commentary. The collection features classic broadcast moments such as Susan Stamberg and Ira Flatow venturing into a dark closet, live on-air, to determine whether Wint-O-Green Lifesavers really give off sparks. Their unscripted experiment is a shining example of the innovative reporting that has endeared Americans to NPR for the past 40 years.